Adjective: Qualify or give quality? Adjective function

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Much is already known about the noun predicate, hence the subject's predicative, as they are once related to an important grammatical class... that of the adjective, par excellence.

Well, we direct a question to you, dear user: does he, the adjective, qualify or give quality? Don't be frightened by the question, because from the earliest learnings, we have established familiarity with this noble and important linguistic element. Given this reason, we are going to unravel about some concepts that have been crystallized over time. But for that, let's analyze the following statements:

Boy unhappy.
Clothes worn out.
Morning monotonous.
Results negatives...

All these nouns... did they receive quality or were qualified?

Well, understanding that quality reveals itself as something positive, all the adjectives stated above do not seem to denote this aspect, do you agree?

So, always prefer to give the adjective its proper function, that is, to qualify, given that qualifying can be seen as an action carried out in the good sense, as well as in that one... not so positive, understand?

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By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School -

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