Agriculture in the Midwest

Agribusiness is the main economic activity in the Midwest region. It encompasses agribusiness and agricultural production. The latter has stood out in the supply of raw material for food industries and other sectors in Brazil and abroad, mainly meat, soy, cotton, corn, sugarcane and rice.
The region has a significant participation in the national scenario in terms of agricultural production, since each year the productivity indices rise. This has been due to investments in technologies, especially in those properties of traditional production. The resources are applied in the purchase of machinery, agricultural inputs, and in the use of specialized labor (technicians) in the development of activities. In short, what has been happening is a process of massive modernization of the countryside in the region.
In the Midwest region it is possible to identify agricultural areas that stand out in the production of certain crops. In Mato Grosso, the crops that stand out are: rice, soybeans and corn in the north of the capital (Cuiabá); cotton in the south of the state; and sugar cane to the west of it. In Mato Grosso do Sul, near its capital (Campo Grande), the production of soybean and wheat stands out; in the municipality of Dourados, soy, sugar cane, corn and rice; and in the north of the state, soybeans. In Goiás, what stands out is the production of cotton, soy, corn and rice, in the southwest of the state; in Mato Grosso Goiano (center of the state) the main crop is sugarcane.

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Historically, the region has always stood out in livestock. Even today, this activity has great relevance for the Midwestern economy, accounting for most of the income from the agricultural sector. Livestock developed in the region is mainly dedicated to raising cattle, but there are also buffalo and equine breeders.

By Eduardo de Freitas
Graduated in Geography
Brazil School Team

Midwest region - geography of Brazil - Brazil School

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