Billings Ovulation Method

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Family planning is the name given to a series of actions related to controlling the number of children the family wants to have. Among these actions is the use of methods that guarantee a greater probability of successful fertilization and also help to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. One such way used to help with family planning is the Billings ovulation method.

What is the Billings Ovulation Method?

The Billings ovulation method is a natural means that can be used by both those women who want to become pregnant and those who want to prevent a pregnancy unwanted.This method is intended to recognize the ovulation day through the analysis of cervical mucus. By knowing the day of ovulation, the woman can choose to have sex during this period, increasing the chance of pregnancy, or not having sex, thus preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

How does the Billings ovulation method work?

As stated earlier, the Billings method is based on the analysis and perception of cervical mucus and what it causes in the vulva.

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Mucus is a secretion that has different characteristics during the menstrual cycle, so it is possible to identify the phase of the cycle in which a woman is through it. When in the fertile period, the woman is able to become pregnant.

Now let's look at the characteristics of mucus during the different phases of the cycle:

  • Pre-ovulatory phase: Soon after menstruation ends, a dry phase begins. When mucus appears, it is whitish, opaque and sticky.

  • Ovulatory phase: As the cycle progresses, the mucus becomes more elastic and lubricating, until it becomes similar to an egg white (clear, transparent and slippery). At this stage, the mucus, when stretched, forms a thread. The sensation of lubrication produced by this mucus indicates that the woman is in her fertile period.

    The last day of the vulva's lubricating moisture sensation is called the apex. As it is the last day, the apex is only recognized when the texture of the mucus changes again or when it stops being produced. The apex day indicates that ovulation has occurred, is occurring or will occur within 48 hours, that is, it coincides with or precedes ovulation.

  • Post-ovulatory phase: On the fourth night after the peak day, we say that the woman enters a period of infertility. This is the favorable period for relationships for those people who do not intend to get pregnant.

It is important for the woman to note all the variations that occur in her mucus to ensure greater success in using this method. It is recommended that the perception is done during the day and, at night, the registration is done.

In a nutshell, we can say that the sensation of dampness or wetness indicates the fertile period and that, on the fourth night after the apex, the infertile period begins. Those who intend to become pregnant must have intercourse during the fertile period, and women who do not intend to have children during that period must avoid intercourse on those days.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method?

It is a natural method that works both helping women who want to become pregnant and those who want to naturally prevent pregnancy. This method can be used by people who cannot use other methods, such as contraceptives, or who have not adapted to other contraceptives. In addition, it has as a benefit the fact that not generate costs or side effects and provide greater knowledge of the body by women. Many users perform the Billings method by religious issues, as it is a method accepted by the Church. One of the disadvantages of this method is that it interferes with sexual behavior and also does not prevent against sexually transmitted diseases.

Heads up:Before using any contraceptive method, or even before trying to get pregnant, it is essential to talk to a health professional. This professional is able to answer your questions and guide you in the best way possible.

By Ma. Vanessa Sardinha dos Santos

Source: Brazil School -

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