China's Demographic Factor

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China stands out in relation to the number of people that inhabit its territory, as currently the country is the most populous in the world. The estimated number of Chinese population is 1.3 (one billion three hundred million) inhabitants.
The vegetative or natural growth of the Chinese population has been one of the concerns of the Chinese government in recent decades. The process to reverse this data began in 1970, when vegetative growth rates reached 2.6% per year, henceforth the government has sought ways to contain population growth, the way found was to implement a judicious and rigorous birth control that became known as the "child policy single".
When parents do not comply with the control proposed by the government, they are subjected to punishments based on the loss of rights to social programs, in addition to the person being obliged to pay fines or risk being removed from the job.
The birth control measure that has been used recently is to provide information, through the media, and also to have methods of preventing pregnancy (condoms, contraceptives), and more radically, perform, in an imposed manner, surgical procedures that lead people to become sterile, especially those who already have a son.

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Through all these methods, some of them questionable, the government achieved a decrease from 2.6% to 0.6 percent, thereby preventing thousands of people from adding to the huge Chinese population.
The Downside of Birth Control
In order to put birth control into practice, many children die, almost always female, as there is prejudice against this sex in China.
Theoretically, the government does not approve of cruel means of birth control, however, in reality it is the opposite, responsible officials for overseeing government control, they are forced, through very strong pressure, to remove pregnant women from their homes and imprison them to execute the abortion.
Many mothers are killed for not accepting abortion, others have their children hidden and their families are tortured to tell the pregnant woman's whereabouts, in addition to having their house burned down.
Many couples sell their children to infertile couples, so as not to suffer punishment from the Chinese government.

Eduardo de Freitas
Graduated in Geography
Brazil School Team

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