Linking verbs. What characterizes connecting verbs?

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Linking verbs... why are they so called?

There are certain subjects, especially those related to the Portuguese language, in which the title itself gives us some clues. So it is with this one, which we will know from now on, that is, if we talk about connection, it is because there are two or more elements that are connected by something.

For a better understanding, how about analyzing the example below?

My friendékind.

Do you remember the guy? In this prayer that we have just seen, what would it be?

Certainly you will have no doubts in answering that you are "my friend". Now let's see what the function of the word "gentle" would be: to make it easier, just remember the grammatical classes, accessing the text "grammatical classes”. There we will discover that it is an adjective, since it gives a quality to the noun, which in this case is “friend”.

After this magnificent analysis, we discovered, hidden in prayer, the verb to be, which in this case is inflected - “é”.

Did you notice that he played an important role?

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Yes, that of connecting the subject (my friend) to a (kind) quality. For this reason, it is called a linking verb.

There is another very important aspect that we must know: the idea that this verb represents is the subject's state, way of being or being. So, to make everything very clear, let's look at one more example:

my little dogit is happy.

We have a guy (my dog); a linking verb – está, which indicates the state in which the puppy is; and an adjective that characterizes it – cheerful.

So don't forget:

The connecting verb links the subject to a quality

The concept is a characteristic of grammatical facts

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters
Kids School Team
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