Meaning of Suddenly (What is it, Concept and Definition)

It is suddenly an adverb in Portuguese, used to refer to something or something that happened suddenly, instantaneously, or suddenly.

When it is said that something happened suddenly, it means that it was not foreseen or expected.

Example: "The dolphins suddenly appeared while we were swimming".

There is some confusion about the correct spelling of this term, being "suddenly” the main mistake of most people. However, this word does not exist in the Portuguese language.

The word “suddenly” can be translated into English as suddenly.

The call "sudden death" it consists of the situation in which the individual suddenly dies, an event characterized by unexpected heart failure, leading to death in just a few minutes.

The sudden nature of this event is the fact that the individual has never had a history of heart problems and, suddenly, suffers an arrhythmia responsible for his death.

Synonyms for suddenly

Some of the main synonyms for suddenly are: suddenly, unexpectedly, unexpectedly, suddenly, abruptly, abruptly, suddenly and unexpectedly.

See also: the meaning of the expression suddenly.

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