Neutron star. Neutron Star Characteristics

Characterized as one of the possible final stages of stellar evolution, neutron stars are celestial bodies that form through the thermonuclear explosion of stars with a mass eight times greater than of the sun.

This phenomenon is a consequence of nuclear fusion, where all the hydrogen is consumed and the helium undergoes a long process of transformation (millions of years) until it reaches iron. As a result, the core becomes so dense that it cannot support its own weight, and releases an enormous amount of energy, which causes the “destruction” of the star.

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This explosion promotes the junction of protons and electrons, forming extremely compact and dense celestial bodies, there is no longer the presence of atoms, but a large cluster of neutrons, that is, the neutron stars.

The main characteristics of neutron stars are: large nucleus and formed mainly by neutrons, very massive (solid matter), high gravity, very low radiation, extremely fast rotation period, high density, very magnetic field strong, etc.

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By Wagner de Cerqueira and Francisco
Graduated in Geography

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