Kinetic energy in chemical language

For those who think that Kinetic Energy is only present in physics, pay attention: it is very important in Chemistry.
Consider the following situation: In a baseball game, the moment the ball is thrown by the batter, it is moved by a large amount of kinetic energy. So what does this have to do with chemistry? During a reaction, the involved reactant particles carry out kinetic motion. In general, this happens with gases, but regardless of the type of reactant, every chemical reaction only occurs at from the moment there is an interaction (collision) between such particles and the consequent transfer of energy.
When we talk about transferring energy, we are talking about kinetic energy, and it exists in chemical reactions from the interaction between two particles. Therefore, we can say that kinetics is part of the chemical world with regard to the contact between the components of a process.
Kinetic energy can also be the product of other energies, such as mechanical energy (responsible for the movement of automobiles, lathes, or any other motorized machines) that can be transformed into kinetic energy through the movement of objects.

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By Líria Alves
Graduated in Chemistry
Brazil School Team

Chemistry Curiosities - Chemistry - Brazil School

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