Predicative of the subject. Characteristics of the subject's predicate

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So that we can understand about one more fact that guides linguistic studies, it is necessary to return to some concepts, starting with the predication of verbs. It, in turn, results from the link established between the subject and the verb - which makes the verbs now transitive, connecting, sometimes intransitive.

Let us refer only to the linking ones, which express the subject's state of being, not denoting concrete actions, such as what happens with intransitive and transitive verbs. So, let's see:
The day it is Beautiful.

Maria é docile.

The teacher it is calm.

In all utterances such verbs were present, sometimes expressed as “being and being”. In this way, let us pay attention to the elements that precede and succeed them.
Referring to the latter (successors), we see that this is a qualification attributed to the subject of the prayers. Thus, “beautiful”, “docile” and “calm” represent the subject's predicative.
Thus, conceptualizing, we have: the subject's predicative represents that term that confers a qualification on the subject, in the case of the nominal predicate.

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By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School -
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