Article and personal pronoun - differences that demarcate them

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In the midst of the studies we do about the facts that guide the language, we come across some similarities that make them the target of different questions and even possible deviations in terms of standards formal. Thus, given this linguistic reality, some skills urgently need to be improved quickly: one of them concerns to the improvement of linguistic competence as a whole and the other refers to the contextual analysis in a specific.

Such an assertion becomes plausible and, in a certain way, indisputable, while we consider that, from a given context, the same word can assume different functions - a fact that will only be released from the moment the skills already exposed are fully effected.
Thus, as it becomes impossible here to list all these situations in which the occurrence is evident, we chose one of them: the differences that demarcate the article and the personal pronoun, evidenced, obviously, from examples:

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She read O book.

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In this situation, the “o” is classified as an article, because in addition to accompanying the noun, it indicates that it is a specific being in the species.

Let's look at another example:

She read the book and handed it overO to the closest colleague.

Regarding the second clause, we have that now the situation is no longer the same as in the first clause, since the term in question is classified as the personal pronoun of the oblique case, acting, according to the syntactic functions it performs, as an object direct.

Here are the differences highlighted!!!

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

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DUARTE, Vânia Maria do Nascimento. "Article and personal pronoun – differences that demarcate them"; Brazil School. Available in: Accessed on June 27, 2021.

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