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The program Science without borders (CwF), which allows Brazilian students to exchange programs in several countries, has open enrollment for Sandwich Graduation. There are more than 14 thousand scholarships for 18 areas of scientific and technological knowledge in 21 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America.

Interested parties can register until September 29, for calls from the Coordination for the Improvement of Level Personnel Superior (Capes), and until September 30, for calls from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). The result is scheduled for March 2015 and studies abroad will begin in September.

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Students who had a global score in the National High School Exam can participate (And either) equal to or greater than 600 points, in exams taken from 2009 onwards. You must also be proficient in the language test accepted by the host institution and have completed at least 20% and at most 90% of the curriculum planned for the course by the start date of the exchange.

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The student must apply for the scholarship in one country only. If you perform more than one registration, only the last one will be validated, and the others will be automatically canceled. There are scholarships to Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, South Korea, Spain, USA, Finland, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom and Sweden.

Those selected to participate in the program will receive a monthly fee in local currency, installation assistance, health insurance, travel allowance for the purchase of airline tickets and educational material allowance for the purchase of portable computers or tablets. Students who have already benefited from the Sandwich Graduation cannot be considered again.

The program 

The Science without Borders Program is an initiative of the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and the Ministry of Education, through their respective fostering institutions the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes).

The Sandwich Graduation allows the student to carry out part of their studies at a foreign institution. More information at Science without Borders website or by calling 08800 616161.

By Letícia Oliveira

Source: Brazil School -

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