Classification of countries regarding carbon dioxide emissions

We can rank countries according to the degree of pollutants they emit into the atmosphere.
Petroleum Countries: oil-producing countries, they are record holders in per capita pollution. Corresponding to small nations such as: UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, emissions in these countries increased by over 40%.
Noble Countries: are the rich and industrialized countries, they emit a lot of CO2 (carbon dioxide) per inhabitant, for example, United States and Luxembourg. Just to give you an idea, each Luxembourger releases the same amount of carbon into the atmosphere as 13 Brazilians together.
Stable Countries: refer to European powers such as Germany, United Kingdom and France. These countries lead the production of energy by nuclear and wind power plants, and therefore the emission of pollutants has stabilized in recent years, since these energies do not pollute the atmosphere.
growing countries: they are emerging and overpopulated, like China and India, these countries have grown economically and pollution has also grown along with the economy. An example is Vietnam, whose volume of carbon dioxide annually released into the atmosphere has risen 117% in 6 years.

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Absorbing Countries: are the benefactors in the fight against global warming. In addition to not polluting, they absorb the polluting gas emitted by other countries, because they are so little industrialized that they have CO emission rates2 insignificant. They are undeveloped countries in tropical Africa, such as Gabon and Congo.
Brazil can be considered a stable country in terms of pollutant emissions, as it has a global emission rate of 1.2%.

By Líria Alves
Graduated in Chemistry
Brazil School Team

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