The 3 best hair dye brands on the market

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When it comes to hair dye, there is a variety of brands that go beyond what we might think, but not all of them are beneficial for hair health, and can even trigger allergic reactions.

It is essential to identify the dyes that are truly beneficial for your hair. Permanent dye is a solution and a concern, as it works deep into the hair and provides significantly greater durability.

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On the other hand, choosing the brand of dye becomes crucial to guarantee not only the desired coverage, but also the general health and preservation of the hair.

Some brands stand out for offering products that do not compromise hair quality and minimize the risks of adverse interactions.

Therefore, when venturing into the journey of dyeing your hair, it is wise to research and identify these trusted brands that offer both the desired aesthetics and the necessary health care capillary.

Choosing the ideal dye for hair health

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Hair dye, a permanent dye that deeply ages the strands, stands out for its notably superior durability compared to semi-permanent alternatives.

This option proves to be especially effective for those looking for guaranteed gray hair. We have therefore selected the best hair dyes available on the market to ensure you have a good experience:

Imédia Excellence coloring, L’Oréal Paris

  • Recognized in the domestic and professional scene;
  • It offers an extensive portfolio with 29 separate cores.

Maxton paint, from Embelleze

  • Totally Brazilian brand;
  • It stands out for its excellent value for money;
  • Consolidated in more than 30 countries.

Alfaparf Milan

  • Specialized in professional use;
  • Offers vegan and ammonia-free paints;
  • It presents options such as tone on tone and direct coloring.

When considering the wide range of options available, the next step is to decide between a permanent, semi-permanent or toning dye.

This choice will depend on personal preferences and the desired result. It is essential to avoid paints that contain petrolatum, mineral oil, silicone and ammonia, chemicals known to be specific to hair health.

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