McDonald's presents 'CosMc's', its new rival brand to Starbucks

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The latest news from McDonalds, CosMc’s, quickly became one of the worst kept secrets in the world of fast food, largely due to social media. This new brand focuses on a wide selection of drinks and is being seen as a potential competitor to Starbucks.

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Launched in Bolingbrook, Illinois, United States, CosMc’s has plans to grow, with the opening of nine more stores in the region until the first half of 2024, and fuels expectations of future expansion in the scenario International.

CosMc’s will feature a comprehensive menu, with a range of options including a variety of teas, lemonades ice creams, slushes (which is a type of slushie with ice and fruit juice), frappés, beers and drinks bottled. In addition, the menu has a selection of foods, such as sandwiches, snacks, roasts, ice cream, and items from “McDonald’s Universe” such as Egg McMuffin, McMuffins with bacon or sausage, and two types of MC flurry. A notable feature of CosMc’s is that it operates without the use of fryers.

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Personalization is a key aspect of CosMc’s, with unique drinks like turmeric latte and pomegranate hibiscus slush. The menu also innovates with sandwiches and snacks of different flavors.

Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald's, emphasizes the company's ability to expand into new, fast-growing categories such as specialty drinks and coffee. CosMc’s introduces innovative drive-thrus, visual menus and a simplified ordering process, seeking to improve the customer experience.

The concept of CosMc’s, inspired by an alien character from the 1980s, emerged more than a year ago and meets three essential criteria: being unique, having global appeal and being economically viable. Kempczinski sees CosMc’s as a strategic step to drive growth and expand the McDonald’s brand into new markets. Although the initial test is small, it represents a significant change in the fast food chain's trajectory.

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