Discover AI Pin: the device that promises to replace cell phones

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A few days ago, Humane AI brought the AI ​​Pin to the public, a type of minimalist “smartphone of the future” equipped with Artificial intelligence.

The device, which was launched at a price of US$700, has no screens, does not run applications, and does not even have the shape of a modern cell phone. Otherwise, it is designed to stick to users’ clothes, hence the name “Pin”.

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On the other hand, the AI ​​Pin is equipped with a camera, GPS, connection to the cellular network, accelerometer, sensor light, microphone, speaker and even a mini projector that can be used for video calls, for example example.

Furthermore, the new gadget is fully integrated with ChatGPT AI, which allows specific commands to be carried out.

In fact, this fact was cited by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, as being the real point of shift between the architecture of mobile devices now and those to come in the next decades.

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“To perform any task on a computer, you need to tell your device which app to use. You can use Microsoft Word and Google Docs to write a business proposal, but they cannot help you send an email, share a selfie, analyze data, schedule a party or buy movie tickets,” he commented Gates.

“In the next five years, this will completely change. You won't need to use different apps for different tasks. You will simply tell your device, in everyday language, what you want to do,” the tech mogul predicted.

A “floating” interface

Humane's AI Pin is the product of a trend that is already going viral in technology.

Exactly as Bill Gates predicted, the new “smartphones” will only be input devices for voice or text commands that will start the execution of tasks. And of course, the executive agent for these tasks will be some AI interface, like ChatGPT same.

It seems that in a short time the logic of the current smartphone, with a touchscreen, a large number of apps that guarantee usability and several other tools, will even give way to minimalist devices that offer total user integration with computing across its entirety. potential.

But of course, it must be recognized that devices like the AI ​​Pin are still just a glimpse of this likely new era. They still have a lot to improve and evolve towards. Let's wait for scenes from the next chapters, which will be released soon!

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