1 spoon of this natural fertilizer and your plants will look as beautiful as ever

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Lentils have an ancient history, dating back to ancient cultures such as Egyptian and Indian, where they were appreciated for their nutritional properties and culinary versatility. Originating in the Fertile Crescent region, lentils played a vital role in food of ancient civilizations due to their ability to grow in adverse climatic conditions.

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Lentils are now grown all over the world and are a valuable source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Its use in cooking is vast, being incorporated into soups, stews, salads and main dishes, offering a healthy and sustainable option for a balanced diet.

Lentil: a natural fertilizer

In addition to their nutritional value, lentils play an important role in agriculture, helping to improve soil fertility through nitrogen fixation. In other words, lentils are a source of nitrogen, one of the main nutrients that plants need to produce green, vigorous leaves.

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Additionally, lentils also contain phosphorus, potassium and other elements that help plants develop strong roots, colorful flowers, and resistance to pests and diseases.

How to use lentil water

There are two simple ways to use the food as a fertilizer for plants: using lentil water or mixing the lentils with the soil. Lentil water is the liquid left after cooking lentils.

This is because it contains the nutrients that lentils release during cooking and which can be used by plants. Therefore, just let the water cool and use it to water the plants once a week.

How to mix with soil

Mixing lentils with soil is a more potent way to fertilize plants. To do this, simply mix a cup of cooked and drained lentils with 5 liters of soil.

In this way, this mixture can be used to enrich the soil in pots, flower beds or planters. The lentils will slowly decompose and release their nutrients into the soil, benefiting the plants over a long period of time.

Final care

However, before using lentils as fertilizer, it is recommended to soak them for a few hours to eliminate possible bacteria or toxins. Additionally, it is important to use lentils in moderation, as excess nitrogen can be harmful to plants.

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