Expo CIEE Virtual opens 10 thousand vacancies for internship and learning

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Gateway to a successful career, the CIEE Virtual Expo – which starts this Monday (18) and ends next Friday (22) – will offer more than 10 thousand internship and learning vacancies across the country, accompanied by chat, exclusive service and the possibility of the registrant being referred to an interview at the end of the event.

The organizers' expectation is that at least the number of 60 thousand registered participants from the previous edition will be maintained, through the offer of internship vacancies for the most popular courses, in the areas of administration, secondary education, education, marketing and accounting. For learning, most opportunities are for administrative staff, production assistants, logistics, cashiers and salespeople.

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For those looking for their first job opportunity, young candidates can sign up for CV workshops online and simulated interviews with experts, as well as free lectures, broadcast in real time, from the CIEE Theater, in São Paul.

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In total, more than 40 lectures focused on the 'world of work' will be given, with the participation of professionals from different areas, who will talk about topics such as 'work and career'; 'health and wellness'; ‘education and improvement’, and ‘future and technology’.

Among the speakers, journalist Flávio Prado, who will talk about social networks in the journalism market; Generation Z career mentor, Ana Letícia Magá, will address the question “Careerflix: how to sell your talent as if it were your favorite series”, and it will be up to the creators of the @cauwave channel to talk about their career in Internet.

To confirm registration, interested parties must access the portal www.expociee.com.br, clicking on the ‘sign up here’ option, where they will have to provide the requested data. Each candidate will also have a personalized track, containing guidance from a virtual assistant, as well as lectures, exhibitors and activities, taking into account their personal objectives.

Another innovation of the event is that students who want to improve their CV can do so through a workshop online, which will allow you to get tips from an expert, in order to obtain the best version of the document, with a view to eventual interview.

In addition to these exclusive services, the interested party will be entitled to the recommendation of CIEE Saber Virtual courses, which are aimed at improving technical and behavioral knowledge, which is based on skills and competencies, according to the type of work environment and vacancy job.


Event: Virtual CIEE Expo

Period: Monday (18) to Friday (22), from 8am to 6pm

Registration: portal www.expociee.com.br

10,928 vacancies will be available across the country, with the following distribution:

  • 765 internship vacancies
  • 163 learning places

Target Audience:

To participate in the event, the intern must be attending regular education at the following institutions.

  • College education.
  • Professional education.
  • High school.
  • Special education.
  • Final years of primary education, in the EJA professional modality (youth and adult education).
  • Young Apprentice – To be a young apprentice you must:
  • Be between 14 and 24 years of age.
  • Be studying primary, secondary education or have already completed secondary education
  • If you are a person with a disability, there is no age limit to be a Young Apprentice
  • Have a contract of 4 hours or 6 hours a day and up to 30 hours a week, with the right to registration in a portfolio, salary, transportation voucher, vacation and professional qualification certificate upon completion of training theoretical.

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