McDonald's promises to give a Big Mac to customers who don't receive an order within 60 seconds; understand

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The fast pace of modern life often puts us in situations where we have little time to resolve everyday issues, so asking for a fast food makes this rush easier.

It is in these moments of rush that convenience becomes fundamental and we think about the quickest option. Of course, McDonald’s also thought about its customers.

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The company has just launched the “Drive Desafio 60” campaign, which offers consumers the opportunity to receive your orders on Drive in up to sixty seconds, or win a Big Mac voucher for when you return to drive.

You will never count a minute the same way again!

McDonald’s promises faster drive-through delivery

Sérgio Eleutério, Marketing Director at McDonald’s in Brazil, highlights that “Drive do Méqui” is a reference option for those looking for a tasty and quick meal.

He points out that, during lunch hours, when people are rushing to solve different tasks, Drive becomes makes it an ideal choice, as it is always within reach, on the way, making any activity more convenient and enjoyable.

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Anyone wishing to participate in the “Drive Desafio 60” must visit the participating restaurants from September 12th to 25th, from 11am to 5pm.

To start counting the order time after payment, simply scan the Méqui Game QR Code, with more than 300 units participating in the action.

If the sixty-second period expires before the consumer receives their order, they will receive a Big Mac voucher, which can be used on their next Drive order until September 30th this year.

It's an exciting opportunity for lovers of McDonalds test the efficiency of the service and, at the same time, be rewarded for its speed.

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