Ministry publishes ranking of the 20 cities with the highest pensions in the country

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The Ministry of Social Security released a survey that reveals the cities with the highest average amount paid in pensions.

The list only points to the 20 Brazilian municipalities with the highest average ticket of benefits paid by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Of these, 14 are located in the state of São Paulo.

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The study took into account a calculated average of the values ​​of pensions by age, disability and contribution time, divided by the number of beneficiaries residing in each municipality.

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These are the 20 Brazilian cities where retirees are estimated to receive the highest amounts:

  1. Aluminum (SP): BRL 2,796.87;
  2. São Bernardo do Campo (SP): BRL 2,489.83;
  3. Santos (SP): BRL 2,473.10;
  4. São Caetano do Sul (SP): BRL 2,472.15;
  5. Paulínia (SP): BRL 2,413.06;
  6. Santo André (SP): BRL 2,397.75;
  7. Vitória (ES): BRL 2,346.91;
  8. Barueri (SP): BRL 2,338.73;
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  10. Ouro Branco (MG): BRL 2,324.35;
  11. Cubatão (SP): BRL 2,314.17;
  12. Vinhedo (SP): BRL 2,307.54;
  13. São Paulo (SP): BRL 2,303.19;
  14. Campinas (SP): BRL 2,296.54;
  15. Florianópolis (SC): BRL 2,282.15;
  16. Rio de Janeiro (RJ): BRL 2,279.49;
  17. Porto Alegre (RS): BRL 2,273.21;
  18. Jundiaí (SP): BRL 2,270.56;
  19. São José dos Campos (SP): BRL 2,262.47;
  20. Brasília (DF): BRL 2,249.33;
  21. Valinhos (SP): BRL 2,237.32.

When other INSS benefits are considered, such as a death pension, prison aid, permanence allowance, maternity pay and others, the list of the “top 20” changes slightly.

In this case, of the 20 cities listed above, 19 remain and Taubaté (SP) is added, as it has an overall average of R$ 2,091.62. With regard to the leadership of the ranking, the small Alumínio, from the interior of São Paulo, remains at the top.

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