Why are used batteries toxic waste?

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Many people are not aware that they may be storing a powerful toxic waste in their own homes: used battery. The situation is aggravated if we consider the amount of equipment we have and that run on batteries, as per example: radios, watches, cameras, electronic calculators, camcorders and now our inseparable cell phones.
The worst thing is that modern batteries bring the problem aggravated, they are the ones that have more contaminants, they are: Lead batteries (SLA), mercury button, Nickel-Cadmium batteries (NiCd).
But what exactly do these batteries contain that makes them so dangerous? Mercury, Cadmium and Lead are called heavy metals, they were named because they are highly dangerous to man, that is, they are toxic. When batteries are disposed of and accumulated in our homes, we are creating a veritable hazardous area, rich in hazardous metals. The used battery usually leaks a liquid contained in its interior, which is rich in toxic metals - those mentioned above.
Among the ailments caused by contact with heavy metals are: kidney and lung disease, attack on the central nervous system and even cancer.

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By Líria Alves
Graduated in Chemistry
Brazil School Team
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What to do with used batteries?

Environmental Chemistry - Chemistry - Brazil School

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/quimica/por-que-pilhas-usadas-sao-lixos-toxicos.htm

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