American English X British English

Just as there are some notorious differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese from Portugal, we can say that there are also some differences between American and English English British. It is possible to notice differences in vocabulary, as well as differences in spelling and pronunciation. In the list below we can see some basic differences between American English and British English:

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American English (American English) British English (British English) Translation
airplane airplane  plane
analyze analyze  analyze
apartment flat  apartment
bathroom toilet  Restroom
behavior behavior  behavior
catalog catalog  catalog
candy sweets  candy
cell phone mobile phone  cell phone
Cookies biscuit  cookie
color color  color
downtown town center  downtown
elevator lift  elevator
era to be rubber  rubber
fall autumn  autumn
flashlight torch  flashlight
gas petrol  Gasoline
gray gray  Gray
labor labor  work
lawyer solicitor  attorney
liter liter  liter
mailbox pillar box  mail box
mom mum  Mommy
movie film  film
pajamas pajamas  pajamas
parking lot car park  parking
program program  program
railroad railway  railroad
sidewalk pavement  sidewalk
sneakers trainers  sneakers
street road  road
Metro underground  subway
remove tire  tire
truck lorry  truck

As you have seen, it can happen that different words correspond to the same thing, or better, to the same object, in the case of “Metro" and "underground”, which are used to refer to the subway. There are also some subtle differences in writing, which end up differentiating the words, such as “gray" and "gray”, both used to refer to the gray color.

Layssa Gabriela Almeida e Silva
Brazil School Collaborator
Degree in Languages ​​- English from the State University of Goiás - UEG
Improvement course in English by Zoni Language Centers - USA - USA

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