Meaning of Coherence (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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consistency is the characteristic of what has logic and cohesion, when a set of ideas presents nexus and uniformity.

For something to have coherence, this object needs to present a sequence that gives a general and logical sense to the receiver, so that there are no contradictions or doubts about the subject.

The origin of the word "coherence" is in Latin coherence, which means “connection” or “cohesion”.

textual coherence

In grammar, textual coherence is responsible for giving a logical sense to the text.

For a text to be understandable and make sense to those reading it, it needs to present a logical continuation of the ideas that are presented throughout the narrative.

Each word has an individual meaning, but when they are put together in a sentence or text, they form a different meaning. If the construction of the words is not done correctly, the general meaning of the prayer is incomprehensible.

Textual coherence is precisely how to apply each word in a text so that it has the intended intention.

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When a text has errors in its textual coherence, the meaning of the sentence is not logical.

Example: “It was so hot that it even started to snow” / “the wall was seated” / “I hate to eat meat so I'll order a steak rare”.

Difference between coherence and cohesion

Textual coherence is the non-contradiction of the ideas of the words in a text, and cohesion is an essential part of this function.

THE textual cohesion it is limited to the correct use of grammatical connectives and articulation, which allow for a harmonious sequencing of sentences and paragraphs in a text.

Learn more about cohesion is about cohesion and coherence.

Types of coherences

For an essay to have textual coherence, compliance with some rules is necessary, such as syntactic, thematic, semantic, pragmatic, generic and stylistic coherence.

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