Meaning of Adverb (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Adverb is any invariable word that accompanies the verb, adjective or other adverb, modifying its meaning. Example: I arrived early. this car is much well. He was much good.

Adverb classification

Adverbs always express a circumstance or accessory idea in relation to the word they refer to, they are:

  • Place – here, there, there, here, there, back, close below above, inside outside, beyond, beyond etc.
  • Time – now, already, still, tomorrow, early, late, always, never etc.
  • Mode – like, well, bad, quickly, slowly, and part of the finished words in mind: happily etc.
  • Intensity – a lot, a little, a lot, then less, so etc.
  • Doubt - maybe, possibly, probably etc.
  • Affirmation – yes, certainly, really, effectively etc.
  • Denial – no, never, never etc.

Adverb degrees

There are two degrees of the adverb: comparative and superlative:

the comparative degree may be from equality: He arrived So early how much the colleague. In superiority: He arrived more early what the colleague. In inferiority: He arrived any less early what the colleague.

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the superlative degree Can be analytical: the indication of degree increase is made by another adverb: I arrived much early, the superlative degree synthetic: the presence of the suffix indicates the degree: I arrived cedvery much.

adverbial phrase

It is an expression formed by two or more words with the value of adverb, Example: sometimes on horseback, on foot, at home, live, at random, on purpose, suddenly, from time to time etc.

See also the Meaning of Adjective and definite and indefinite article.
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