Classification of verbs regarding predication

As for predication, the verb is usually classified into five types:
• Direct transitive: one that is accompanied by an object without a mandatory preposition (direct object or prepositioned direct object).


My brother regainedyour girlfriend.

Regained:direct transitive verb
Your girlfriend: complement without preposition

The children ateof your snacks

ate: transitive verb direct
 From your snacks: non-mandatory preposition (prepositioned direct object) 

The direct transitive verb, with few exceptions, admits transformation from active to passive voice.
Active voice: Students do not commented the accident.
Passive voice: The accident does not was commented by the students.
• Indirect transitive: one that is accompanied by an object with a mandatory preposition (indirect object).

the direct he trusted his work.

trusted:indirect transitive verb
In your work: complement preceded by mandatory preposition (indirect object).

Observation: This type of verb does not support passive voice.
• Direct and indirect transitional:

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one that is accompanied by an object without a preposition (direct object) and an object with a preposition (indirect object).

The magazine devoted two pages to the incident.

Dedicated:direct and indirect transitive verb
two pages: direct object
to the incident: indirect object

• Intransitive: one that is not accompanied by any object (neither direct nor indirect).

The tree fell on the car.

It fell:intransitive verb
about the car: adverbial adjunct of place (not object of action)

linking verb: that which, always with the meaning of state or change of state, serves to establish a certain type of relationship between an attribute of the subject and the subject.

The teacher is calm.

É:connecting verb
Calm: subject attribute

By Marina Cabral
Specialist in Portuguese Language and Literature

Source: Brazil School -

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