Trapezium area. Formula and calculation of trapezium area

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The area of ​​a convex polygon is the space filled by its surface. Every time we obtain the calculation of the area of ​​a certain region, its measurement unit will be squared (km², cm², m² etc.).

O trapeze it is a quadrilateral, given that it has four sides. The sum of its internal and external angles equals 360°. Every trapeze has a pair of parallel sides. Look at the figure below:

To calculate the area of ​​a trapezoid, we must know the measurements referring to the major base (b), minor base (a) and height (h). Look:

♦ Trapezium area formula

The formula we use to calculate the trapeze area is as follows:

A = ½. h (a + b)

A = Trapezium area.
h = height.
a = base smaller.
b = larger base

Let's solve two examples to learn how to use the trapeze area formula.

♦ Trapezium area calculation examples

Example 1

Calculate the area of ​​the trapeze below:

A = ½. H. (a + b)

A = ½. 8. (5 + 15)

A = ½. 8. (20)

A = ½. 160

A = 160/2

H = 80 m2

Example 2

The trapeze is one of the polygons used in making mosaics.

Suppose that one of the red tiles in the mosaic has the following measurements: Larger base: 4 cm, smaller base 2 cm, and 2.5 cm height. Calculate the area of ​​this piece of the mosaic.

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b = 4 cm
a = 2 cm
h = 2.5 cm

A = ½. H. (a + b)

A = ½. 2.5 cm. (4 cm + 2 cm)

A = ½. 2.5 cm. (6 cm)

A = ½. 15 cm2

A = 15 cm2

H = 7.5 cm2

By Naysa Oliveira
Graduated in Mathematics

Source: Brazil School -

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