Meaning of Diplomat (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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diplomat is the person who holds a position of diplomacy, responsible for representing the interests of a nation before other countries abroad. In addition, it is also their role to establish and maintain international relations.

From the figurative sense, a diplomat can also be one who is educated, who knows how to deal with other people, seeking to clarify or resolve problematic situations.

Diplomat functions

The diplomat's function is to serve his country of origin, representing his nation in foreign territories. It is thanks to this professional that several international agreements are closed between countries, stimulating commercial, cultural and economic exchange.

Many people confuse the meaning of ambassador and consul. In reality, both are diplomatic career positions, the only difference being the functions each performs.

The ambassador is a high position in the hierarchy of diplomacy, just below the chancellor (chosen directly by the President of the Republic). In addition to other functions, the ambassador is the one who negotiates his country's interests with foreign nations.

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The consul, on the other hand, has the task of looking out for his fellow countrymen who reside in foreign lands. Brazilians living in Portugal, for example, can go to the nearest Brazilian Consulate to request documents from their country of origin.

It is noteworthy that in embassies and consulates, the prevailing law is that of the represented country and not that of the host country. This principle is called extraterritoriality.

how to become a diplomat

Anyone can apply for a position as a diplomat. In Brazil, this selection is made through a public contest.

To participate, the interested party must be a native Brazilian (not to be confused with naturalized), have up-to-date electoral and military obligations, have completed a degree and passed the admission test organized by the Rio Branco Institute, belonging to the Ministry of Relations Exteriors.

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