Meaning of Bad Mood (What It Is, Concept and Definition)

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bad mood is the state of mind of those who are not in the mood. The grumpy is the one who is angry, disgusted with something, complaining about everything.

The expression bad mood comes from the combination of the adjective bad, which refers to what has a bad character or related to badness, and the noun humor, which is disposition of the spirit.

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Between the synonyms in a bad mood are irritation, annoyance, bad mood, aggressiveness, defensiveness, dislike and irritability.

Being in a bad mood means a bad mood. It is usually associated with momentary situations, such as the bad mood that arises from a disagreement, a long queue in traffic, frustration, among other aspects.

Everyday people alternate between moments of bad mood and good mood, it is normal to present both. O morning bad mood, for example, is very common to many people and is not a disease, just a personality trait of someone who doesn't adapt well to waking up very early in the morning.

O chronic bad mood it must be noted, so as not to move from just one character genus to a more serious pathology, such as depression. The ideal is to see a doctor or psychologist.

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Bad Mood or Bad Mood?

The correct is Bad mood. The bad mood spelling is incorrect, as is its hyphenation bad mood. Bad with U is used as the opposite of good. And evil is the opposite of good.

So we say that someone is in a good mood or a bad mood. And the person is either good-natured or bad-tempered.

Hyphen in bad mood

The expression bad mood has no hyphen, because it is the simple use of an adjective qualifying a subjective - the bad that corresponds to the mood. And so the bad mood form doesn't exist.

The term grumpy, on the other hand, has a hyphen, as formations that have evil as a prefix must be hyphenated in the case of the word that complement start with a vowel, H or L, and have their own meaning when gathered.

In the case of a good, if the prefix also forms a semantic unit, there is a hyphen. It is the case of humorous.

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