Meaning of Puerile (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Pueril is an adjective of two genders in the Portuguese language that makes reference to childhood, to what is childish or to what is endowed with innocence.

The word, which derives from the Latin childish, can also be used in a pejorative way, associated with the behavior of an individual with childish thoughts, without importance or value.

One childish argument, usually means that you don't have satisfactory information or structures to convince someone about something. A trite and pointless comment.


THE childishness - act of being childish - is typical of children's behavior. Actions considered immature, foolish and silly.

Childishness can be considered a type of theatrical language, where the characters behave in a childlike way. Circus clowns, for example, are an example of characters who act childishly to entertain children, with a typically childish and naive language.


O childishness it is classified as mental psychiatric retardation, where adults act, think and use typically childish language.

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However, puerilism cannot be confused with infantilism, since the latter type of psychopathology, in addition to presenting delays in mental development also affect the physiological aspect of people, who are left with the eternal appearance of a kid.

Synonyms for childish

  • childish
  • naive
  • weak
  • weak
  • innocent
  • banal
  • futile
  • frivolous
  • harmless

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