What is Nominal Concordance?

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All the elements that make up the prayer need to be in harmony, that is, in agreement. When this is related to the noun phrase (part of the clause whose nucleus is the noun), there is a Nominal Agreement.

THE general rule of Nominal Agreement says that all determinants (adjective, numeral, adjective pronoun and article) must harmonize in terms of gender and number of the noun. Therefore, noun in the singular feminine, determinants also, if it is in the plural masculine, the determinants accompany it.

And when the adjective is postulated (placed after) by two or more nouns? What to do? In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the noun gender, follow:

  • Same Gender Noun: the adjective goes to the plural or agrees with the closest. See the examples:

Brazil has Mountain and stonedstunning.

Brazil has mountains and dazzling slap.

  • Noun of different genders: the adjective goes to the masculine plural or agrees with the closest noun. Look:

O men and the womanfat arrived for the consultation.

O men and the womanfat arrived for the consultation.

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THE woman it's the menfat arrived for the consultation.

In the case of the rule for nouns with different genders, although both forms are correct, it is common for people to prefer to use the masculine plural agreement, do you know why? Because of the feeling that when we only agree with the closest, it seems that the adjective refers only to him. However, this feeling is not true, as the rule allows for double agreement and in both the adjective refers to the two noun heads.

Can the adjective come prepended (placed before) the noun? Of course! In this case, there are also two forms of nominal agreement, however, what will command the choice is not the gender of the noun, but its type, that is, whether it is common or proper. See the rule:

  • Adjective placed before two common nouns: must agree with the closest adjective.

The father got a nice watch and shirt.

The father got a nice shirt and watch.

  • Adjective placed before proper nouns: adjective must appear in the plural.

The incredible Machado and Guimarães are icons of Brazilian Literature.

And if a noun is modified by two adjectives, how to proceed? In this case, the noun can appear in three different ways:

I. At the singular: the spanish and canadian party;

II. At the singular with the repetition of the article: The Spanish and Canadian party;

II. At the plural: The spanish and canadian parties.

There are cases of agreement that generate many doubts, because there is a difference between the cultured norm and the colloquial language. Follow it below:

  1. Attachment, included and thank you: they agree with the noun or noun pronoun they refer to, as they play the role of an adjective.


I need to send attachments to email the files.

The fees included in the condominium are illegal.

Thanks: when the acknowledgment is made by a male.

Thanks: when a female is the one who is giving thanks.

  1. same and quite: Here, it is necessary to pay attention to the grammatical class of these words, as they can play the role of a pronoun or adverb. In this case, it will be invariable, while in that case it will agree with the noun to which it refers.


we realize that we love each other same! (even = really)

The students same produced the posters.

In the heat people wear out quite. (a lot = a lot)

I really enjoy reading Augusto Cury, I have a library with enough books of your authorship. (many = many)

  • the use of the word Quiteit is very complicated for some, especially because the colloquial language makes no difference between the grammatical classes, its classification being only as an adverb is common, therefore, invariant. However, we know that this is not so, it can also be an adjective and as such will agree with the noun it refers to. So the tip is to replace quite per very or Many, in the first case, it will be invariable and, in the second, variable, that is, it goes to the plural.

  1. Expensive, cheap and only: they can be adjectives, when characterizing the noun, or adverb, when modifying the verb.


Air tickets are very faces.

every tourist pays expensive to stay in good hotels.

the potatoes are faces, so buy only vegetables when they are cheap.

The jewels always cost expensive.

The accessories that are in the window are beautiful, but they cost expensive or cheap?

Today, tomorrow and always, I only want you!

my grandparents have always lived SOS.

  1. Quite: It can play the role of numeral or adverb. In the first case, it will agree with the noun, in the second, it will be invariant.

drank half a bottle of grape juice and I stayed kinda dizzy.

  1. It's good, it's forbidden, it's necessary, how is the agreement with these expressions? Here, too, there are choices that can be made that will influence agreement. follow up:

  • Expression accompanied by determinant (article or adjective pronoun) must agree with the determinant:

É prohibited the entrance of cyclists.

is needed caution.

The walk it's good to health.

  • Expression without determinant, invariable adjective.

É prohibited bicycle entry.

It is necessary caution.

It's good think before acting.

THE nominal agreement it's not difficult, just reflect before using the rules, remember that the context and morphological knowledge acquired throughout the learning process helps a lot in the syntax of agreement. Don't forget that our language should not be studied in a fragmented way, but should be seen as a whole made up of parts.

By Mayra Pavan
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/o-que-e/portugues/o-que-e-concordancia-nominal.htm

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