Meaning of Native Adjectives (What they are, Concept and Definition)

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Homeland adjectives, also called gentile, are adjectives that refer to countries, regions, states, cities and other locations. For example: someone born in Amapá is from Amapá (adjective fatherland).

Compound patriotic adjectives are those formed by more than one adjective, the first appearing in its reduced form and the second in its normal form. For example: Afro-Brazilian (African and Brazilian), Eurasian (European and Asian) and Franco-German (French and German).

List of Brazilian states' homeland adjectives

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States + Federal District Homeland Adjectives
Amapá Amapáense
large northern river Potiguar or Norte-Rio-grandense
Rio Grande do Sul gaucho or south-rio-grandense
Roraima Roraima
Sao Paulo paulista
Mato Grosso Mato Grosso
Santa Catarina Santa Catarina or green belly
For paraense
Maranhão Maranhão
Minas Gerais miner
Tocantins Tocantins
Sergipe Sergipe
Bahia Bahia
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro
Holy Spirit Espírito Santo or Espírito Santo
Acre acrean or acrean
Paraná paranaense
Mato Grosso do Sul Mato Grosso do Sul
Federal District Brasilian
Rondônia Rondonian or Rondonian
Amazons Amazonian
Pernambuco Pernambuco
Ceará Ceará
alagoas alagoan
Goiás goiano
Paraíba paraibano
Piauí Piauí

List of homeland adjectives from Brazilian capitals

Brazilian capitals Homeland Adjectives
Salvador BA) Salvadoran or Salvadoran
Sao Paulo-SP) From São Paulo
Brasilia DF) brasiliense or candango
Aracaju (SE) Aracajuano or Aracajuense
Bethlehem (PA) Belenian
Rio de Janeiro - RJ) From Rio
Recife PE) Recife
Florianópolis (SC) Florianopolitano
Recife PE) Recife
Manaus (AM) Manaus or Manaus
João Pessoa (PB) people
Porto Velho (RO) Porto Velho
Boa Vista (RR) good vistense
Belo Horizonte (MG) Belo Horizonte
Curitiba (PR) Curitibano
Porto Alegre (RS) Porto Alegre
Rio Branco (AC) Rio Branco
Maceió (AL) Macedonian
Fortaleza (CE) Fortaleza
Macapa (AP) macapanese
Goiânia (GO) goiano
São Luís (MA) Ludovician or Sao Luis
Campo Grande, MS) Campo Grande
Teresina (PI) teresina
Palms (TO) palmense
Natal, RN) Natalense
Vitória (ES) Espírito Santo or Victorian

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