Meaning of Understanding (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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understanding is the act of understanding, understanding and assimilating something. It is considered a cognitive process, where it is necessary to interpret a certain thing so that it can be, later, understood by the individual.

The correct spelling of this word is understanding and not "understanding" (With "c).

When it is said that a person has an understanding of something, it means that he is endowed with the perfect intellectual mastery of the subject.

Understanding can still represent the feeling of benevolence and complacency from someone, that is, when there is an understanding of another person's emotions. In fact, this is an interpretation used by philosophy to refer to the empathic behavior of people who analyze different social, ideological, cultural and other processes.

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Some of the main synonyms of understanding they are: understanding, clarity, perception, awareness, involvement, assimilation, discernment, complacency, indulgence, tolerance and vision.

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On the other hand, the main antonyms of understanding they are: ignorance, misunderstanding, misunderstanding, lack of knowledge, complication, disdain, intransigence and aversion.

understanding and interpretation

In order to understand something, such as a text, for example, it is necessary to interpret it. For this, the individual must be able to unravel the meaning of textual constructions, in order to understand the meaning of the context of a sentence.

Thus, when there is no correct interpretation of the message, consequently there is no correct understanding of it.

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