Meaning of Mitigating (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Mitigate is a direct prenominal or transitive verb in Portuguese, and means the the act of decreasing the intensity of something, making it softer, calmer or relaxed. Mitigation is what the mitigating process is called.

Mitigating an individual's behavior or action can mean reducing or moderating a person's excessive feelings, such as anger, anger, or rage.

In the legal field, the verb mitigate is used to denote the reduction of a final impact in the definition of criminal penalty, for example. It can also mean the reduction of consequences or the mitigation of damages, usually based on information, statements or data that lead to the mitigation of the situation.

The expression "mitigate risks" is used in the context of precaution about a given situation, slowing down or taking care of something that can be harmful, if not done with care or care.

In English, the word mitigate is translated to mitigate.

Synonyms of mitigate

  • to relieve
  • attenuate
  • unnerve
  • pacify
  • calm down
  • settle down
  • reassure
  • soften
  • to calm down
  • tame
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