The role of oblique pronouns as verbal complementation

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When we talk about pronouns, we refer to the idea of a term that accompanies or replaces the name (noun), notice:
That one work is very important for our research
I saw the boys yesterday, I found-you leaving the mall.
We note that the pronoun "that one" accompanies the noun "constructions", is that "you" replaces the term “boys”.
Among the subclassifications of pronouns, we highlight: demonstrative, possessive, of treatment, adjectives, nouns, interrogatives, relatives, personal of the straight case and of the oblique case.
In the case of oblique case pronouns, these are divided into unstressed and tonics.
Let us see, therefore, these pronouns, in view of the respective relationship they establish with the personal:
Me - me, me, with me
You – you, you, with you
He – the, the, the, if, if, if, with you
We – us, with us
you - with you
They - the, the, them, if, themselves, with you

To better understand this subject, it is essential that we make the difference between article and oblique pronoun.

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The student is hardworking because The saw studying in the library.
Emphasizing the subject of verbal complementation, let us analyze the oblique pronoun concerning the second sentence:
This, in turn, refers to someone, that is, the girl. In this case, it works like complement of the verb "to see".
And when we talk about verbal complementation, we refer to direct object and indirect object.
Thus, the oblique pronoun "The" has the syntactic function of direct object.
Already in this prayer, analyze:
I delivered-you the wedding invitation.
Now, when we deliver something, it's usually to a certain person. So, if we were to unfold the prayer, it would be:
I delivered the wedding invitation for he (she).
Notably, there is the presence of the preposition, and so to speak, we are facing an indirect object.

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters
Brazil School Team

Grammar - Brazil School

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