Meaning of Foundation (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Basis is the foundation, foundation and foundation of something or something. In the scope of architecture, this word is used as a synonym for the support that is made in a building.

From its figurative sense, foundation can still mean everything what serves to substantiate something, such as concepts, ideas, etc.

For example, the scientific foundation it consists of all kinds of scientific content that serves as a valid argument to justify or defend a certain idea, concept, theory, etc., from the point of view of science.

O legal basis it represents everything that is based on the order of justice, that is, knowledge of the legal law. When it is said that a given situation has a legal basis, for example, it means that it has validity and recognition from the point of view of Justice.

Some of the main synonyms of basement they are: base, foundation, principle, rudiment, foundation, foundation, structure, support and support.

Theoretical foundation

It consists of a set of bibliographical references that serve to support an article, thesis or work that creates a new analysis or theory on a given subject. It is mainly used in scientific and academic work.

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The theoretical foundation is also known as theoretical framework or bibliographic reference.

See also:meaning of theoretical framework.
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