Meaning of Acute (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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acute is something very intense, sharp or loud.

A sharp pain is a very strong pain. An acute disease is said to be one that is intense, that is already in an advanced stage of development. "The doctor said the inflammation was acute," meaning the inflammation is well advanced.

In Portuguese grammar, the acute is a graphic accent that emphasizes the stressed syllable,. As in "frenetic", a proparoxytone word in which the tonicity must be marked in the "and". It uses an acute accent to demonstrate that the sound is open, not closed like the "ê" with a caret.

It can also refer to things that have a tip. A sharp instrument is one that is sharp. When it is said of someone who has a sharp intelligence, it means that the person is well prepared, because he is sharp.

Treble is also a property of sound. A high-pitched sound is one with a higher frequency, and is also thinner and more penetrating. Explained by physics, it represents the most oscillating sound waves. The sound emitted by female voices is generally high-pitched, while men have a deeper, lower voice. That sound that is too high-pitched is a high-pitched sound.

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In geometry, the acute angle is one that is smaller than the right angle, that is, less than 90 degrees.
Agudo is also the name of a municipality in Rio Grande do Sul, located in the central region of the state. The city of German colonization was named after the existence of Morro Agudo, a hill so called due to its steep slope.

Synonyms for Acute:

  • Pointed
  • High
  • Sharp
  • Pointed
  • shrewd
  • Deep
  • Intense
  • Critical
  • Thin

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