Meaning of Vulgarity (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Vulgarity is a characteristic or state of what is vulgar, banal or mediocre. It can also mean the action or behavior of someone who is vulgar, that is, an individual who acts with immorality or banality.

Vulgarity is considered a pejorative expression, as it is associated with actions and principles that are not accepted in social interaction in most contemporary communities.

Sexuality, for example, is closely related to vulgarity. The sexually appealing way of dressing, for example, with extremely daring pieces of clothing, provoking or stimulating sexual desire, is considered obscene behavior, with a way of dressing with vulgarity.

Because of pre-established concepts in most contemporary societies, obscenity in dressing, for example, is predominantly related to female vulgarity.

Vulgarity can be present in a form of expression, whether verbal or gestural, not only being related to exaggerated sexual appeal, but also to futile, undignified or malicious thoughts.

synonyms of vulgarity

  • banality
  • frivolity
  • futility
  • trivia
  • baseness
  • indignity
  • infamy
  • mediocrity
  • obscenity
  • vileness.
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