Biology Curiosities. Biology Curiosities Section

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THE biology it is a broad science that is concerned with studying living beings, their characteristics and their interactions with the environment and with other beings. Furthermore, this science helps us to understand from the origin of life to the environmental problems faced today.

Several areas work together to study life on the planet. Among these areas, we can mention anatomy, botany, zoology, cytology, histology, embryology, evolution, ecology, genetics, physiology, paleontology and systematics.

With each topic we discover how much biology is a pleasurable discipline and how every detail is important for every living thing on the planet. Faced with such a variety of beings, the relationships they establish, in addition to the complex structure of their bodies, it is difficult not to feel doubts about several subjects.

Based on that, this section was created to address the most intriguing subjects in the field of Biology. Also included are texts on scientific news and advances in some areas. You will discover, for example, how vaccines were created, what bioinformatics is, why we bite our nails, among many other curiosities.

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Are we going to discover together the answers to the most troubling questions?

by Vanessa dos Santos
Graduated in Biology

Source: Brazil School -
Carbonates. Composition, properties and applications of carbonates

Carbonates. Composition, properties and applications of carbonates

Carbonates are inorganic compounds formed by the ionic bonding of a metal or semimetal with the c...

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The Origins of China

With over 4000 years of history, China is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world...

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Acne, Anthrax and Botulism

Acne: The Propionibacterium acnes is a bacterium from the normal bacterial flora of the skin, but...

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