Nosebleeds. Causes of nosebleeds

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Many people often experience nosebleeds, especially on dry days. This is because in the region of the nose, the mucosa is highly vascularized, moist and cold. In a dry climate, the walls of blood vessels lose water, making them fragile. Thus, any trauma caused by sneezing, scratching, among others, can cause an injury that generates bleeding.

But nosebleeds can be local or systemic, and can occur due to trauma, colds, allergies, rhinitis, tumors. nasal, nasal septum deviation, infections caused by microorganisms, accidents, hypertension, lack of vitamins in the diet, exposure to smoke or irritating chemical substances, in addition to the use of certain drugs that interfere with clotting blood.

Nosebleed is also known as epistaxis and is characterized by blood loss from the nose or mouth. Epistaxis can be very serious and can occur in both nostrils. When this happens, pinch your nostrils with your fingers.

Prevention is first with small precautions such as not blowing your nose too hard, avoiding putting your finger in your nose (especially for children), always be careful not to damage your nose in an accident or sport and use a humidifier on very dry days. If nosebleeds are constant, see an otolaryngologist. Because depending on the case, a chemical or thermal cauterization of blood vessels may be necessary.

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By Giorgia Lay-Ang
Graduated in Biology

Source: Brazil School -

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