Adjective: particular uses. Examples of uses of the adjective

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Behaving as assiduous users of the language, we are increasingly looking to sharpen skills, expand knowledge, and define competences. Thus, making such a position practical, it is not rare that we make discoveries that were never imagined before - the which makes us aware that the linguistic system is undoubtedly complex, but also rich in diversities. Now, funneling searches, we started to study grammatical classes, and there, once again, we found many particularities, especially with regard to some, in particular.

However, mentioning all of them would be somewhat unfeasible, we are, at this moment, restricted to the adjective, whose proposal is to emphasize the particular uses, now attributed to such class. In this sense, based on some examples, let's check some elucidations:

* Taking into account certain circumstances, the adjective can be used as another grammatical class - the adverb:

The teacher entered the classroom peacefully. (equivalent to "peacefully")

Even though he knew everything, he acted calmly. (representing the condition of "quietly")

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* There are many circumstances in which the position assumed by the adjective, in this case, Before or after, can change its meaning:

There was talk about a strong man. (here conceived in the sense of robust)

It was a strong man. (marked in this situation as someone made up of positive attitudes)

* There are many circumstances in which the adjective has characteristics similar to those of the noun, which can only be identified taking into account the context of the sentence:

The precinct is full of apprentices minors.

On here, "minors” attributes a qualification to the subject – which means that it is an adjective.

Minorsapprentices were inside the enclosure.

Through this context, what was previously classified as an adjective now refers to a noun.

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School -

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