Did they get back or get back?

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Here is a verb that causes a lot of controversy: the verb recover. Their conjugation in the past sometimes becomes an unknown: do they catch up or catch up? A lot of people will be stunned now because of the answer: the correct thing is...neither!
The verb recover is derived from having and has the meaning of recovering. This verb is derived from there. Therefore, it follows the same conjugation pattern. Thus, if in the past tense perfect tense the verb “haver” is “have”, then, from the verb “reaver” it is “reouve”. Look:
I did, you did, he/she did, we did, you did, they/they did. Thus:
I heard, you heard, he/she heard, we heard, you heard, they/they heard.
In the more-than-perfect past tense: I had existed, you had existed, he/she had existed, we had existed, you would have existed, they had existed.
I reouvera, thou reouveras, he/she reouvera, we reouvera, you reouvera, they reouvera.
As it is a defective verb, retriever does not have full conjugation, so there are certain inflections that do not they exist, as in the present tense (1st, 2nd and 3rd singular and 3rd plural) and in the present tense of subjunctive. In the affirmative imperative there is only “returned us” and in the negative imperative there is no inflection.

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The gerund is retrieved and the participle is retrieved.

By Sabrina Vilarinho
Graduated in Letters
Brazil School Team

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Verbal Doubts - Grammar - Brazil School

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/gramatica/reaviram-ou-reaveram.htm

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