The relationship between hydrography, climate and relief

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Preserving all elements of nature is essential for the proliferation of life, in addition to ensuring the functioning of ecosystems. The biosphere is made up of elements such as atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere, which produce natural spaces that provide complete dynamism. For a good natural development of ecosystems, there must be a relationship between soil, sun, air, water, temperature, among others.
In a more specific case is the direct interdependence that exists between hydrography, climate and relief, as they establish determining influences between them.
A clear example of this process is linked to hydrography, when rivers and lakes arise from the melting of snow and glaciers, in addition to undergoing changes in flow by rain.
The fluctuations that occur in the springs come from the seasons of the year, thus, in the measure as seasons change, rivers and lakes are influenced, deriving flood periods and ebbs.
Floods correspond to periods of the year when the season is rainy and there is also melting of ice and snow, significantly raising water levels. The ebb periods happen in the dry seasons, when there is a great decrease in river waters.

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The characteristics of the relief promote a direct interference in river courses, in a surface full of ups and downs in which it presents plateaus, depressions and mountainous areas. The waters of the rivers move faster, promoting a great erosion of the relief, this process forms river valleys, in addition to promoting the transport of sediments to the lower areas of the relief.
In flatter places, such as plain areas, rivers generally have a curved trajectory and the water velocity is quite slow, in addition to promoting sedimentation on the banks, forming the plains rivers.
The relief interferes in some cases with the climate of a region, when the relief prevents the passage of air masses that could determine the climatic configurations of a place.

By Eduardo de Freitas
Graduated in Geography

Source: Brazil School -

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