Enunciation and context. Enunciation space and context

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Dear user, you always seem to want to say something, because you think of yourself as a being eminently social, it makes this procedure its interaction with the other beings that meet its return. But something proved to be pertinent at this moment, which is why we decided to ask you about how to proceed: you are totally objective (a) or chooses to make a certain impression on your interlocutor, leading him to build different images and interpretations through which utter?

Regardless of your position regarding such a question, the important thing is that you know that we establish communication at all times, but the most important is to be aware that there are also different ways to materialize this communicative interaction, that is, depending on the context, we can be clear, objectives, but, depending on other situations, we can, perfectly, give ourselves the "luxury" of entering the paths of subjectivity, of multiple interpretations, without doubt. By saying that, you can turn around and find yourself in some common communicative circumstances, such as a panel advertising, a journalistic news, a literary work, some cartoons and cartoons that we witness so much out there, finally, several may be them.

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So immersed in some attempts, effectively demarcated, we have the privilege of leading you to familiarize yourself with the ways of saying, with the different stylistic resources that they have made (and make) use so many representatives of our letters, materialized, above all, by the so-called figures of speech, as expressive as surrounding. So, in this climate of magic, we leave to you the ability you have to interpret the words of our immortal Mário Quintana, when he says:

The poems are birds that arrive

no one knows where and land

in the book you read.

When you close the book, they take flight

like a trapdoor.

they have no landing

nor port;

feed for an instant at each

Pair of hands and depart.

Therefore, to avoid the poems soaring higher and becoming, perhaps, unattainable, give wings to your curiosity and navigate, interacting with all the good that is here prepared for you!!!

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/redacao/enunciacao-contexto.htm

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