Adverb use: peculiar aspects. Adverb Characteristics

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As users of the language, we have a competence that makes us able to exercise it in different communicative situations. In one of them, specifically, we enjoy these skills even more preponderantly: in that situation where the formal standard of language prevails, that is, in the writing itself. In this way, activating some skills, we become aware that the adverb - this element that guides the subject at hand – is used to indicate the circumstance in which the verb is found, being this (the verb) immersed in a given orational context.

In this sense, it is noteworthy that these circumstances are different, that is, in terms of mode, intensity, place, denial, affirmation, instrument, doubt, among many others. Thus, further deepening our study, we will see from now on that, according to a certain context, the same adverb can express different circumstances - which determines the peculiar aspects of that we speak. Therefore, let us see about these traits:

* Some adverbs, depending on the job they are assigned to, express different circumstances. Let's look at some examples:

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The professor, from what he told us yesterday, will certainly come.

It is inferred, therefore, that the circumstance in question is of doubt.

From what you told us yesterday, the professor will certainly come.

It is detected, therefore, that the circumstance, the idea now refers to a statement.

That politician speaks well.

We claim to be facing a circumstance of mode.

How well the girl eats!

The circumstance, this time, is now expressed by the idea of ​​intensity.

* In cases where, for stylistic reasons, two adverbs appear together in the sentence, only the last of them must be constituted by the suffix “-mind”, characteristic of the adverbs of mood. Let's stick to the example in question:

The population humbly and generously contributes by donating food to the homeless.

By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School -

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