Christmas on the cheap: 7 cheap decorating tips to spend little

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It's normal to be without inspiration at Christmas, but there is always something new, from the most sophisticated to the simple. This way, you can reuse objects that are already available at home and even recycled materials in decoration.

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Therefore, use your imagination and good taste when looking for symbols that exalt messages of hope. In other words, colorful images and items that reflect the personality of the home, from minimalist to colorful, that demonstrate happiness.

Best decoration options for a cost-effective Christmas

Cardboard chimney

Photo: Step by Step Crafts / Pinterest

This is a great option for those who don't have a fireplace at home, but want to create a Christmas atmosphere. In this case, you can use large boxes, glue, scissors and paint. That said, decorate using socks, garlands and a Santa Claus coming out of the chimney.

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Vertical decoration

Photo: vvoevale / Canva Pro

As for applying stickers and images to the door, this is a way to make the most of the space and welcome guests. Therefore, use ribbons, balls, pine cones, branches, flowers and other elements inside and outside.

Drawings and mobiles on the window

Photo: Facing the Sea / Reproduction

Another tip that keeps the space brighter concerns mobiles made from cardboard, EVA, glitter and affordable materials. Regarding the options, it is possible to create balls, bells, hearts, reindeer, angels, candles and snowflakes, in addition to the blinker.

Christmas floral arrangements

Christmas decoration
Photo: pixelshot / Canva Pro

Although it may seem simple, Christmas arrangements give a natural and elegant look to Christmas decorations. For this reason, be sure to invest in flowers and make a special selection at the flower shop, between foliage and buds.

Different garlands

Christmas decoration
Photo: Artesanato Brasil / Reproduction

To the garlands They usually reflect a traditional aspect, but the possibility of personalizing an ornament is positive. Therefore, innovate by bringing together CDs, corks, caps and ribbons, which, when joined together in a circle, become a garland.

Colorful trees

Christmas decoration
Photo: nattanitphoto / Getty Images

The colorful tree also guarantees a different atmosphere, characterized by a feeling of hope and optimism. Since it's the gathering place for gifts, add photos of special moments, charms and other family belongings.


Photo: Tania Araujo / Getty Images

Finally, paper folding is not difficult and tutorials can be found on the internet. This way, just take paper, scissors and a ruler, creating Christmas figures following the techniques of the Japanese art of origami.

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