How Ai Pin works, a device that wants to put an end to cell phones

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Last week, Humane released a Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pin, called AI Pin, which can be worn “attached” to the chest. However, the public's reception of the novelty was not as expected, as the device without a screen, without applications it was advertised for the value of US$700. In addition to the price to purchase the object, users will also need to pay a monthly fee of US$24.

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The pin is intended to group computing into the human experience. With GPS, light sensor, microphone, accelerometer, cell phone connection, 13MP camera and many others tools, the main attraction is the ubiquitous assistance of AI through ChatGPT in the life of the user. Therefore, it will not be necessary to put on virtual reality glasses, such as the Apple Vision Pro, to have the ease of AI in the user's life.

“You won’t need to use apps”

One of the biggest names in technology, Bill Gates, recently spoke about the use of AI in devices. According to the creator of Microsoft, applications are heading towards their end.

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“To perform any task on a computer, you need to tell your device which app to use. You can use Microsoft Word and Google Docs to write a business proposal, but they can't help you send an email, share a selfie, analyze data, schedule a party or buy movie tickets,” Gates said.

“In the next five years, this will completely change. You won't need to use different apps for different tasks. You simply tell your device, in everyday language, what you want to do,” he added.

AI Pin (Photo: Disclosure/Humane)

AI Pin price makes commercialization difficult

One of the most questioned points by internet users was the price of AI Pin. The device has a similar price to a smartphone, but offers fewer features. According to Ars Technica, the AI ​​Pin is “a bizarre cross between Google Glass and a pager with a scary camera in your face”. Business Insider stated that the device cannot replace users' phones.

However, none of the reviews mean that AI Pin is bad or useless. Humane recommended the use of the device for those who wish to spend less time in smartphones and want to participate more in real life. For this, AI Pin functions can be really positive.

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