Sector requests extension of the IT Law

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The extension of the validity period of the ICT Law (Informatics Law) and the percentage of financial credit allocated to companies that develop technology in the country. This was the main claim presented by representatives of P&D Brasil (Association of Technological Development Companies National and Innovation) to the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Luciana Santos, in a hearing held last Friday (17). Currently, the ICT Law establishes the premise of gradually reducing the percentage of tax exemption, from 2025, until its complete extinction, in 2029.

During the hearing, the president of P&D Brasil, Rosilda Prates, requested MCTI's support for a proposal to replace Bill No. 12/2020, currently being processed in the Chamber of Deputies, which suggests extending the term of validity of the ICT Law, as well as increasing the percentage of financial credit directed to companies operating in the technology area in the country.

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In response, the minister revealed that the department has been mobilizing to convince the government's economic team to promote the extension of tax exemptions in force in the sector. “The IT Law is a successful experience because it has a greater return on investment than the exemption”, acknowledged the minister, adding that the ICT Law, in addition to encouraging innovation and technological development, is an important instrument in the project of new industrialization national'.

“There is no alternative for Brazil other than to join global economic chains. It takes a bold determination from the State to promote technological leaps and digital transformation”, added Luciana Santos.

Rosilda Prates, in turn, highlighted the strategic role of a long-term policy, which provides greater institutional and legal security to technology-based companies. “This provides guidance for investments in research and development. We need to have a State policy so that the market understands the importance of technological development carried out in Brazil”, she emphasized.

Survey of R&D Brazil for 2021, shows that companies associated with the institution invested R$1.5 billion that year, corresponding to 55.5 thousand direct jobs, of which around 5 thousand were concentrated in areas of RD&I knowledge (Research, Development and Innovation). The same study calculated that the ICT sector would have invested R$2.4 billion in that period.
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