Trainee vacancies: discover which sectors have the HIGHEST SALARIES

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Lots of companies are investing in trainee vacancies at the moment. And, unlike what used to be said, salaries for this role are increasingly attractive in the market.

Therefore, we separated some sectors to show the average salaries for these vacancies. Such vacancies They are increasingly better paid and have numerous exclusive benefits for the worker. Keep reading!

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Best salaries for trainees in different sectors

Sectors such as hospitality, tourism, engineering and marketing offer some of the best trainee positions. We bring here salaries with very competitive values. Look:

  • Hotel and Tourism — the average salary variation for the category is approximately R$9 thousand;

  • Marketing — occupying second place on our list, professionals in the field are receiving an average of R$4,650;

  • Engineering, Accounting, Finance and Economics — salaries in these fields are quite similar, varying between R$3,981 and R$3,245;

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  • Chemistry and Petrochemistry — for this sector, trainee positions pay an average salary of R$3,000.

As we can see, there was an increase in the amounts paid for the categories and different segments compared to previous years. This also demonstrates that, for such sectors, competition may end up increasing if the average salary is maintained.

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Where to find trainee vacancies

There are several options, both job sites and the LinkedIn and Catho, and it is also possible to locate opportunities directly on the institutions' pages.

Some examples of companies that offer trainee programs are Santander, Itaú, Bracell, Alpargatas and several other organizations.

To find out more details about these and other opportunities, simply carry out quick searches on these sites or try to contact the organizations directly through their pages.

This way, it is possible to consult all the information about each of the trainee vacancies available.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the vacancies are for the category of entry into the market and area indicated, and may yield good raises, promotions, career plans and other exclusive benefits for each trainee in specific.

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