Opportunity for everyone: Embraer opens 350 home office vacancies with no experience; apply!

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The Brazilian global aerospace company, Embraer, launched a new recruitment process in search of talent. In this initiative, more than 350 vacancies were made available, both for remote and in-person work. In none of the positions offered, prior experience is required.

The vacancies are aimed at students from different fields, such as engineering, logistics and technology, covering different levels, from technician to senior.

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The areas covered include engineering and operations, technical internships, as well as opportunities in the corporate and Tech sector. Registration for these vacancies is now open throughout Brazil.

Prerequisites and registration

Interested candidates must be currently enrolled in Higher Education institutions and must have their university enrollment active, which will be required to formalize the contract with the Embraer.

Furthermore, it is essential that you have knowledge acquired in your academic activities, projects and other relevant experiences that can contribute to your future responsibilities in the company.

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The selection process will be carried out virtually, providing greater accessibility to interested parties.

Registration will be open until October 8th and can be done through the company page, available on the platform Gupy. Therefore, check the prerequisites for each area:

Technical stage

It is aimed at students interested in getting involved in Embraer's technical and productive spheres, covering tasks related to the planning, development and execution of a variety of projects.

Therefore, interns have the opportunity to engage in activities that cover areas such as design technical, mechanics, electronics, instrumentation, mechatronics, machining, IT, CNC, lathe, among others.

Engineering and operations

In the Engineering and Operations area, the company is looking for specific professionals to get involved in areas related to Embraer products.

This means they will have the opportunity to participate in highly complex projects related to aircraft and innovative technologies.

This encompasses several areas such as loads and structures, control regulations, noise management and vibrations, sensors, computer simulations, initial design phase, modeling, quality, production and many others.

Embraer Tech/IT Internship

Embraer is looking for people who are specifically interested in being part of the company's development teams.

This involves working in areas such as web and mobile application development, applying analytics and data science, deal with embedded software, apply artificial intelligence and machine learning and all the qualifications for area.

Administrative and corporate

The company is looking for specific professionals to contribute to the company's business areas.

This includes providing support to teams in planning, finance, logistics, communications, legal and other areas, with the aim of improving the company's processes and operational approaches.

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