1,800-year-old nymph-like statue unearthed in Turkey; check out images!

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Recently, during excavations in the ancient city of Amastris, located in the district of Bartin, in the Turkish province of Amasra, on the edge of the Black Sea, was a statue unearthed of a nymph believed to be around 1,800 years old.

This discovery was reported by the Heritage Daily portal, based on a statement from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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The statue was found at a depth of three meters below the surface and is approximately 1.5 meters tall.

(Image: Reproduction/Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

The work is carved in marble and represents a partially undressed female figure, with a cloak covering her lower parts, resting on an urn positioned on top of a pedestal.

Scholars suggest that such a statue likely represents a nymph from Greek mythology, a minor female deity often seen as a personification of nature.

(Image: Reproduction/Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

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Nymphs were often depicted in classical works of art, literature, mythology and fiction, with the Romans in particular associating them mainly as deities venerated and represented by the aquatic elements.

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