THIS is the correct way to tie your hair without 'breaking' it, according to expert

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Tying your hair up is a very common custom in everyday life and works on many occasions to prevent hair fall on the face or food, for example. However, according to experts, when carrying out the act, care must be taken to avoid damaging the wires.

Therefore, the way you tie your hair makes all the difference and can prevent future damage, such as hair loss and the appearance of brittle hair. Therefore, it is necessary to know the correct way to carry out the action so as not to suffer future consequences due to the practice.

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The Dr. Luciana Passoni, CEO of Passoni Clinic and hair care specialist, teaches you the correct way to secure your hair. hair. Follow us to find out the details and understand how to carry out the procedure without causing damage.

How to tie your strands without harming your hair

Firstly, when tying up your hair, it must be in suitable conditions and free from obstructions. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether:

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  • The hair is completely dry: this is because, when the hair is wet, it becomes more sensitive, fragile and susceptible to hair loss;
  • Untangled: here you just need to comb the strands before tying up the hair, in the lightest and gentlest way so as not to damage the strands;
  • Choose the appropriate accessories: the most recommended to use when tying your hair are cloth elastics, in addition, the use of force must be measured so as not to pull the strands too much;
  • Dismantle your hairstyle carefully: in addition to preparing your hairstyle carefully, when releasing your hair, care is also necessary. Avoid pulling the strands or even the elastic if the strands are tangled in it.

By following the steps above, it becomes much easier to prepare your hairstyle and prevent further complications from occurring with your hair.

However, when tying your hair up, it is also necessary to choose the least aggressive hairstyles, being Ponytails, low buns and loose braids are good options, as they pull less on the leather strands hairy.

Can I tie my hair up to sleep?

Luciana Passoni also reinforces that, for those who are going to sleep, it is not ideal to tie up their hair, as the force of the elastic forces the hair roots. Furthermore, the wires may suffer greater friction when pillowcase, in order to help break them down and end hair health.

When preparing to sleep, it is recommended, if you need to tie it up, to make a simple braid that is as loose as possible. It is also recommended to use a satin cap to avoid frizz and keep your hair away from friction with the pillowcase fabrics.

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